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Cultural norms are the standards we live by. They are the shared expectations and rules that guide behavior of people within social groups. These norms are learned and reinforced from parents, friends, teachers and others while growing up in a society. Learn how these norms have sustained the itsekiri people from time past,till now.


Presently, roughly 87 percent of Itsekiri children of age 0-19 years in Warri, Sapele and Benin cannot speak Itsekiri fluently and about 80 percent cannot speak at all. This is excluding those outside the shores of the country.

This is because at the peak of Warri crises, majority of Itsekiri population in our rural areas moved to the cities where English language is majorly used for communication such Warri,Sapele,Benin,Lagos, Portharcourt where the Itsekiri language is not spoken often through social interactions.

This age grade of Itsekiri children are quietly the next generation of Itsekiri parents that may not be able to transfer the Itsekiri language to their children, because they presently cannot speak it at all.

If we agree to this,then we are obviously looking in front of us the extinction of Itsekiri language in approximately 2 generations to come,we can say in 60years from today.


As can be seen above, there is an urgent need to address the issue of the language extinction and this is what this website seeks to address. With a large resource base of rich multimedia and interactive contents to aid the learning of itsekiri language by our children both at home and in diaspora.

We have designed these contents in formats that are user-friendly & more children-focused. This is to secure the future of our language and be assured that the itsekiri language will continue to be spoken by our children from generation to generation.


Information on the current itsekiri fluency situation in warri kingdom

Language proficiency 20 years ago


A sample of 300 Itsekiris


Vision 2050
By the year 2050, at least 90% of itsekiri children worldwide will be able to read, write and speak itsekiri fluently.
2050/01/01 19:24:38


Speaking Itsekiri 90%
Writing in Itsekri 95%
General communication 70%
Reading Itsekri 88%
Want to see how we are working to achieving this ?

Learn about the great itsekiri monarch,the culture and people

Find out more about some of the greatest kings in warri kingdom, the rich cultural heritage of the itsekiris and see the reasons why people wish they were itsekiris.

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