First son of Olu Ginuwa I. Later led the royal group from Ijala to Ode-Itsekiri (Big Warri) where the Kingdom was formally founded. Discovered the “Ewere Leafs” at Ode-Itsekiri (Big Warri) and also christianed the peoples’ language “Itekiri” by way of immortalizing Itsekiriene’s name. On the second visit of the Portuguese Merchants to the Kingdom, a cassava plant (imidaka) was given to him for cultivation in 1516 AD. He introduced the Itsekiri dressing attire, and decreed the use of facial marks of three strokes on each side of the cheek and another three strokes like the shape of fowl leg on each corner of the eye by all Iwere (Warri) people for identification.

About 16th Century


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