Second son of Olu Ginuwa I and brother to Olu Ogbowuru I. An established government was already formed at this period. During his reign the following deities: Ibirikimo, Otueke, Ike and their attendants that came from Abala in Gulani area to stay at Ode Itsekiri (Big Warri) were driven away by him due to their noise making to a place now called Orugbo (Origho-Ugbo). He fought and conquered the Akoko King of Apoh and took the crown of Akoko (a very huge wooden headgear, on which were carved curios of various design) One Efedundun, a potentate, and a very rich man who ventured a war on the Olu was eventually defeated and beheaded by one of the Olu’s children called Ebele of Orere.

About 16th Century


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