Usele community is in Warri North Local Govt Area of delta state.

Usele town is located on Usele Creek, off the River Warri. It was specially selected and founded by His Majesty Olu Akengbuwa I for his beloved son, His Royal Highness Prince Oritsemone, early in the 19th Century AD. Prince Oritsemone moved there with his two sisters Eyaye and Tuma, their dependants and servants to establish the place. It was prosperous and highly traditional. It is noteworthy the Olu personally set foot on Usele and prayed for its wellbeing and prosperity.

The great Prince set up import/export business at the key trading post along the River Warri and put his senior servant Ogunu to take charge of it. It is for this reason that the outpost of Usele is referred to as Ogunu. The production of palm oil, kernel and other related items was the mainstay of Usele.

Prince Ortisemone the fourth son of Olu Akegbuwa I was born by Olori Ugboeregua Akengbuwa, daughter of Chief Olekun of Warri. Some mysterious circumstances surrounded his birth. Several years after the birth of Olori Ugboeregua’s first child, Princess Eyaye, no other child was forthcoming. Whereas other Princes and Princess had full blooded brothers and sisters, Eyaye felt alone. She did all, including the threat of hunger strike, to persuade His Majesty the King to do something about it. This led to the Chief Priest Dibie being summoned to consult his oracle. The result was that Ugboeregua would not have any child unless a water spirit known as Okposo at a river junction near the present day Odogene, was induced to release the deity’s son to king. The whole process was followed and before long Ugboeregua became pregnant and when the baby was delivered, it was a boy. The king named him Oritsemone. In accordance with the agreement Okposo, Ugboeregua went to thank Okposo with sacrifice three months after the birth of her child and built a shrine for the water spirit. Descendants of Olori Ugboeregua perform the Okposo ceremony today at the spot where the first ceremony was performed. Princess Tuma was born by Ugboeregua after the birth of Oritsemone.

When His Majesty the King died in 1848, a number of unfortunate events occurred. Prince Omatseye and Prince Ejo died in quick succession before the funeral rites of their father could take place. These were the second and third sons of the King. The first had preceded their father in death. All these brought about very serious disturbances in Big Warri. Prince Ortisemone prepared a safe haven for the surviving Princes, namely Yowuren, Ewolufun, Agbamu, Ejo-Oki, Eri, Panyan and Ikeren at Usele. He took responsibility of bringing them up until they started their own families. He assisted them in settling where their families are today. Usele is a rightful place of pilgrimage for the descendants of the aforementioned Princes.

Prince Oritsemone secured the Crown Jewels, mantles and other royal regalia and kept them in a secret location in Usele. So Usele played a very prominent role in the history of Warri Kingdom. It was Prince Ortisemone who then took Ikeren to Ijalla.

The tile of Olaraja of Usele came to being after the demise of the great Prince.

The following chronicles the titles of the Olaraja of Usele:

Princess Tuma Akengbuwa
Prince Omatsola Oritsemone
Prince Ogbobine Oritsemone
Princess Uma Oritsemone
Prince Omatsone Jalatomitsitse
Prince Bobigbeyiwa Omatsola
Prince Atogolo Okuololo
Prince Onesirosan Omatsola-Oteri
Princess Orode Temile Aritotuoma
Prince Mebaghandun Amanuwe
Princess Okpuma Mebuliaghanje Kuku Adoki


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